AMA : How does AMA contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals? –

AMA : How does AMA contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals? –


  • Challenges behind the Sustainable development goals

  • 5 pillars of SDGs & “Agenda 2030”

  • Guiding SDG principles for AMA’s CSR strategy

What is the challenge behind the sustainable development goals?

The UN member states defined the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. They are the continuation of the 8 Millennium Development Goals which ended in 2015. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a reference framework for nations and companies to organize and accelerate the transition of our society toward sustainable development. SDGs fully cover the development challenges in each country, environmental issues such as climate, biodiversity, energy, water, and social issues such as poverty, gender equality, education, prosperity, and peace. Three essential goals pursued are:

  • Fighting against inequalities, exclusion, and injustice
  • Facing climate change challenge
  • Ending extreme poverty

What does “agenda 2030” symbolize?

UN member states have agreed to report on their progress every year, on a voluntary basis. 2030 is the deadline by which the objectives must be reached. This universal program, which constitutes the reference framework, has therefore been named “Agenda 2030”.

The 17 SDGs are broken down into five pillars:

  • Planet: fighting against the degradation of the planet
  • Population: eradicating poverty and hunger, ensuring dignified and safer living conditions and equality between people
  • Prosperity: reconciling economic, social, and technological progress with respect for nature
  • Peace: fostering peace and justice
  • Partnerships: building effective and inclusive partnerships to achieve the SDGs

Which role do these play in AMA’s CSR strategy?

At a dedicated committee meeting, AMA’s management team has selected 6 SDGs to follow, aligned with AMA’s activity, values, and CSR commitments. These are the guiding principles for AMA’s CSR coordinators when selecting which event to support, or which association to help.

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, at all ages

Thanks to XpertEye, isolated patients can have access to remote healthcare specialists. This is the case for instance for the follow-up of chronic wounds of patients who are vulnerable in terms of mobility, or for prisoners that need treatment outside the traditional hours of a physician’s visit, or for patients in remote, difficult-to-access geographical locations such as islands.

Internally, the well-being of AMAmates is one of our CSR commitments. Whether it’s participation in sports events, an extended health insurance plan for AMAmates’ children, special attention to the equipment for greater comfort in the office, or friendly employee gatherings, AMA is taking care of it.

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Sustainable living