Give the gift of style this holiday season! –

Give the gift of style this holiday season! –

Armoire is offering up clothing rental gift cards, which are especially great options for certain women in your life. Sponsored by Armoire.

SEATTLE — Armoire CEO Ambika Singh says the gift of a clothing rental experience just makes sense, on many levels. 

“She picks out what she wants for herself,” Singh shared. “You just bring this interesting and innovative concept to her.”

There are types of women who might especially appreciate a gift card. 

#1 The Up and Coming Executive   

Armoire’s inventory includes everything from business casual to something more business formal.

“Sometimes that comes with stress, especially for women. What am I supposed to wear in this new job?” Singh explained. “She can get dressed for all those new events in the style that make her feel her best!”

Another phase of life that would fit really well with clothing rental: 

“‘Mommies to be’ are still working and trying to figure out how to get ready for the big change in life, but also how to clothe their body for the big change,” Singh said. “It’s a short period of your life relatively speaking and being able to dress in clothing that is still high quality and maybe higher price. The items we are curating are $200-$300 in store. So, you can wear them for a little bit of time and send them back to us.”

#3 Sustainability Warrior

The third type of woman who might appreciate the gift card — the sustainability warrior. She’s a woman who doesn’t want to waste and pollute.

“This is a way of giving her an experience without giving her more things if that is what her values say to her,” Singh said.

Renting is a sustainable and fashionable lifestyle. And Armoire ups the ante by also partnering with brands that are environmentally conscious.   

“We look at how textiles are produced, limiting the impact on the environment as well as on people who make clothes,” Singh explained.   

Whether it’s for work, a life change, or just a part of someone’s sustainable lifestyle, renting clothing can be there for it all. 

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